Ludum Dare 34 entry - Two button controls

This game is about being a telegraph technician in the 5 days prior to christmas day, 1914, the year of the famous christmas truce.

You have to relay messages from the front line back to base using morse code. As each day passes, troops die, and food gets eaten. Send the right messages back to get more troops and resources to make it to christmas day.

Use [F] to send dots, and [J] to send dashes.

Install instructions

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this was a fun game, i hope you make more of these :)


Nice and simple way to practice morse code! Provides a good bit of pressure too what with getting a little low on troops in my case haha ^^''

What would be nice is to include some final stats maybe? Total troops lost, gained etc.? Just a suggestion though, no need to listen to me! :)

It's weird how your comment is the only comment on this game.