Bubble Trubble is a puzzle platformer create for Ludum Dare 32 - An Unconventional Weapon, created with Unity 5.

Your unconventional weapon here is the ability to capture creatures inside bubbles, rendering them helpless and floaty. You can use them as platforms, move them around or just get them out of the way.

if you have trouble getting the webGL player to recognise keyboard inputs, try one of the downloadable versions instead.


  • Move with A and D, jump with Space.
  • R to restart the level.
  • Draw bubbles using your mouse.

Install instructions

Bubble Trubble is created in Unity, and should run as a standalone game on all platforms.


BubbleTrubbleMac.zip 13 MB
BubbleTrubbleWindows.zip 39 MB
BubbleTrubbleLinux.zip 13 MB